Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Structured Steps of SEO

SEO, or search-engine optimization, is an important component of your blogs ability to rank well. SEO is a complex topic that can be frustrating for a beginning marketer, which is one reason why an estimated 95% of people fail at online marketing.

In order for SEO to be effective on your website, you should make sure your blog is properly structured. Your blog will thrive better if it's set up properly. Continually structuring and posting content, not having enough links or too many links at one time, and other factors can destroy your chances in ranking in the search engines. This is why it's so important to properly structure your blog in order to make search-engine optimization easier. 

1.) Structure your blog

The first step to structuring your blog performing keyword research. Use keyword research to discover what keywords rank best in the search engines. Go to Google and search for 'Google adwords' or 'keyword research tool'. Type in a keyword or set of keywords that are related to your niche and see how many search results come up for each month. You really want to use keywords that get at least 100,000 searches a month and that preferably have low or medium competition. When first starting out, it's usually best to rank for low to medium competition keywords if you want better chances of ranking higher. 

Select around 7 to 15 keywords and copy them to your notepad. You will be using these for your keywords or 'tags' when posting in your blog. You want to sprinkle the keywords you're tying to rank for throughout all of your blog posts. Putting too many keywords in your post could be considered as spam, so you may want to limit the amount of keywords you use. Below are a few basic SEO tips you  can apply to your blog. 
1.) Make sure to use your target keyword in your blog title. 
2.) Use one other similar keyword
3.) Use target keywords in meta tags

4.) Use target keyword in header tag 1, but only one time.          
         An example of an h2 tag  Looks like this
     As you could probably guess, the tag pattern continues like this:
          The H2 tag Looks like this 
          The H3 tag Looks like this 
          and so on...
5.) Use your keyword as the alt text in one or more images on your blog 
6.) Use about 5 to 7 generic keywords in your post. These can be keywords that are similar to the one you are already ranking for. So for example, say your target keyword is 'make money online'. 
Some generic keywords you could use are 'how to make money online', 'make money online free', 'make money free', 'how to make money free', free ways to make money', etc. Just make sure your generic keywords are ranking high as well. 
7.) Make videos that teach people how o do something or try writing some of your articles into a
Powerpoint layout. You can record your voice reading the content on the presentation to give your
 visitors a better idea of who you are. 
8.) Link your blog to other sites on the internet. Free and paid backlinking is a big, yet complex part of SEO that contributes traffic to your blog. 

After setting up your content in the correct and writing your blog posts all in the proper structure, you should add videos, images, polls, comment areas, games, just anything that makes your blog stand out and beneficial to the reader. Make your blog stand out with a variety of blog posts that contain valuable information and videos or images. 

Add social media buttons to your blog as today many people love to share articles, blog posts, and videos they liked. 

Share your content on social media websites, post on guest blogs, or post links to your content in forums and other blogs that are related to your niche. Promoting your blog and networking with others in your niche are two of the most important skills you should have in internet marketing. This is why you should use social media to establish a presence and promote your content. 

2.) Promote your blog with social media 

Creating profiles on several different social media websites is the best way to establish a social presence, which will eventually help with your blogs traffic. 

Listing information about yourself and including a picture or video is a great way to gain the trust of visitors that come to your website. People like to see who's posts they are reading and fell more connected to authors they can relate to. 

Here are some social media sites that you should get accounts with in order to help establish your online presence.

1.) Facebook
2.) Linkedin
3.) Twitter
4.) Pinterest 
5. Instagram 
6.) Digg
7.) Facebook group or fanpage

Creating a Facebook group or Fanpage can help build a fan base and direct visitors to your blog. Fan pages have the potential to bring in tons of traffic to your website and that you can present future offers to. 

Promotion and visitors= backlinks

You can think of backlinks as votes. The more backlinks your blog has, the higher your ranking is going to be. So what exactly are backlinks?

Backlinks are links posted on other web pages that contain your link. These are a great way to get traffic and there are are many ways to get backlinks. 

Backlinks can be manually posted in blog comment areas, forums, and other pages that have similar content to yours. There are backlinking tools that will distribute hundreds of backlinks for you at a time. There are some great softwares for this such as Backlink Energizer and Article Marketing Robot, however these cost around fifty to a hundred bucks. Both are well worth the investment, but if you don't have the money then manual link posting may be the way to go. 

However, a website called Fiverr is filled with gigs for backlink posting and almost any other aspect of internet marketing that is in demand. The majority of gigs cost only $5 on Fiverr but and the majority of work I have purchased has been completely satisfactory. 

You can find some great help on Fiverr, but beware of scam artists that don't have a clue how to properly do your requested task. Be sure to check feedback and ratings from other buyers before you decide to buy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

5 Top Tips for Getting Traffic

Website traffic consists of the people that visit your blog or website. Traffic can essentially determine the success of your blog. If you can't drive traffic to your website then your efforts have basically become a waste of time.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog and some are more fundamental than others. The most fundamental strategies are the ones that tend to work the best, and many, many people have had  success using the methods listed below:

1.) Blog Commenting

Commenting on blogs related to your niche is a great way to make new contacts and generate backlinks to your blog. Backlinks are links posted on other websites that link bank to your blog. Commenting on several different blogs is a good way to get your blog noticed while acquiring backlinks.

2.) Forums

Forums are where you can offer value to a group of people and answer any questions they may have. You can post a link to your blog in your signature in the forum in order to link back to your website. 

3.) Article Marketing 

Article Marketing involves writing articles on product reviews, about leaders in your niche, or any affiliate product you may be trying to sell. People love to have product reviews available for reading so they can learn more about the product before they buy it. Just make sure you have actually used the product before you write about it.

4.) Guest Blogging 

Guest blogging involves writing a blog or article for another blog and getting a link back to your website in exchange. This is a strong way to get backlinks and traffic to your website and drastically increase your blog's amount of visitors.

You can search Google for blogs that provide guest blogging opportunities. Simply search under the terms " niche + write for us". Guest blogging is the best way to get traffic and backlinks to your website.

5.) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO controls your blog or articles ability to rank in the search engines.

Keyword Research is a very important part of SEO. The keywords you choose to rank your post for should be researched to insure relevancy and ranking. You should perform keyword research before even writing your post, and find out which keywords are ranked the most.

You can use the Google Keyword Tool for keyword research and to see how many searches each keyword gets per month.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Internet Marketing: How To Make The Web Work For You

 As eager as you may be to get your online business up and running, it's crucial to take the time to learn all about Internet marketing. Look through the contents of this article to learn a thing or two.

Try allowing your customers to leave reviews and ratings on your products. The feedback you receive will give you an idea of any changes you need to make to your products, and it also improves customer confidence.

Give visitors to your website a service or some type of product for free. Free offers always catch people's eye and they will often revisit your site looking for other good things, as well. Something like a calculator for tax returns might catch their eye.

 An excellent suggestion for improved internet marketing practices that many webmasters fail to recognize is to make your website simple yet effective. Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight are enticing to many site owners and are services offered by web designers. Not everyone knows how to navigate their website in the right way, keep this in mind. The website needs to function properly, without bells and whistles.You possess the skills needed to be successful in internet marketing. You are perfectly capable of achieving your goals without help from software programs or gimmicks. Give all marketing decisions proper and due consideration before moving forward with them.

 Limited time offers and promotions can be beneficial to an eCommerce site's PageRank. If your promotion is really stellar, you can essentially "buy" PageRank, since your promotion may end up being linked from deals sites. This is the same idea grocery stores use with having a loss leader on the front page of their weekly flier.

 Monitor your success carefully. This could be sales, refunds, referrals, conversion, or anything else you can measure. By keeping track of these vital statistics, you will be able to plan future changes and additions to your website based on past experience. Internet marketing differs from other types of marketing in some distinct ways. For example, title tags may cease to be the focus of search engines. Marketing your product through means like youtube may be another good option if such a change takes place.

Sending a press release out is an excellent way to generate traffic when marketing your site. Develop a powerful and persuasive press release, then reach out to one of the many websites that will publish your release for free. This is a quick and easy way to raise your visibility.

Emphasis tools are an excellent way to help the words on your website stand out. Aim to emphasize important words by bolding, underlining, or italicizing them. Doing this clearly expresses a specific point to your customers. Your website should incorporate lots of descriptive and rich keywords. Use adjectives and use a lot of keyword descriptors. Come up with words you can use to link your product. Tempt them to visit again to find out what you will say next.

Follow your competition to stay aware of current trends and failures in your market. There's nothing stopping you from loading up the websites of your competitors and checking out how they operate. Look at what they are offering and get a feel for how many customers they have compared to yours.

 You can cultivate some extra traffic by using subtle advertisements that will link readers to a page that tells them more about your product. You can use text that matches the font of your articles and place it at the end of each article. This will not look like an ad at all. A blog will attract more traffic to your site. The key is to ensure that you use timely, relevant, updated content. If you provide new, up-to-date content, people will visit your site more often.

Keep an eye on competitors and their tactics, and react accordingly. If they are succeeding, you need to analyze what they are doing.

 Put serious thought into your site tags since they define your business to the world. Located atop the web browser's window, these tags play a large role in the initial impression made by your website. Saying the wrong thing, having confusing information or just not targeting the audience with your message can be a determining factor in whether or not prospects stay on the site. Enable people from around the globe to have access to your site. Create more than one version of your website, in multiple languages. You would be surprised at how much viewer traffic this could add; not to mention, the global expansion that could be available to you. If customers can properly understand your site because the content is in their own language, it increases the chance that they will purchase items from you.

Security is extremely important for every business website. There are a lot of trusted security services. VeriSign, McAffee, etc. will offer safeguards to financial exposure for all parties. This service will cost money, but it's one of the costs of doing business safely.

Any service or product benefits from catch phrases promising that it provides instant gratification. Play up the speed of the process; how quickly the order is processed, how little time shipping takes, or how quickly your product will give them the results they want. This may entail features like faster download speed, quick and easy checkouts, or timely order confirmations. Incorporate free components on your site to lure your customers in. You could for instance let people download an e-book or watch a video related to the products or services they are interested in. Homeowners may appreciate an article on home improvement tips if construction is your line of work. This shows customers you see they concerns, and want to help them address them.

Internet marketing is a fast-growing arena and it's important to realize that everyone starts from scratch. Even marketers with the most experience will look for the latest tricks that are trending, so be sure to continue learning as the industry is constantly changing.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tips for Improving Blog Content

Thе internet hаѕ bееn рοрυlаr ѕіnсе thе mid 1990s, bυt wіth ѕο many mobile devices out thеrе, more people аrе accessing thе net thаn еνеr before. Thіѕ sudden surge іn connectivity hаѕ encouraged many people tο ѕtаrt thеіr οwn blogs. If уου аrе looking tο open уουr οwn blog, take a moment tο read thеѕе professional blogging tips tο hеlр уου out іn thе process.

Blogs аrе nοt written fοr еνеrу site, nοr аrе thеу intended tο bе, ѕο іt іѕ іmрοrtаnt thаt уου cater tο a niche. If уου аrе blogging аbουt Italian food аnd hοw уου lονе tο cook various recipes thаt уουr grandmother used tο mаkе, thаt іѕ thе audience уου аrе attracting. A sudden change іn thе game рlаn via a post аbουt Chinese food mау really turn уουr readers οff.

Read οthеr blogs іn related fields аѕ well. Thіѕ wіll give уου аn іdеа οf hοw others аrе blogging successfully іn thе field, аnd mау give уου іdеаѕ οn hοw tο improve уουr οwn blog аnd thеіr ratings. Yου mау аlѕο find people willing tο guest blog οn уουr site. Remember nοt tο plagiarize thе content οf οthеr blogs whісh іѕ a immoral itself.

In order tο successfully rυn a blog, уου need іdеаѕ. Tο hеlр уου gеt thеѕе іdеаѕ уου ѕhουld visit forums, different chat rooms аnd blogs. Alѕο, a lot οf times, thе people whο comment οn уουr blog аrе grеаt аt generating nеw information thаt уου mіght never hаνе thουght аbουt before. Tο bе relevant іn today’s blogging world, уου need tο constantly come up wіth fresh material thаt people want.

A grеаt tip fοr generating additional readers tο уουr blog іѕ tο mаkе аn RSS widget οn WidgetBox. Allow уουr readers tο embed thіѕ widget οn thеіr blogs іf thеу wουld lіkе tο. Bу giving уουr readers thіѕ option, thеу wіll feel lіkе уου generally care аbουt thеm, аnd thеу wіll bе more lіkеlу tο keep visiting уουr blog.

Pay attention tο competitors’ blogs, аnd mаkе sure уου аrе doing best whаt уου саn, іn order tο stay ahead οf thе game.

Look fοr nеw innovative ways tο blog according tο уουr target niche. Mаkе sure уου dο nοt allow competitors οr аnу others tο copy аnу οf уουr content, еіthеr.

Always try tο mаkе sure thаt уου spell check аnd proofread through уουr articles before уου hit thаt post button. Thіѕ wіll give уουr blogs a professional аnd educated look thаt wіll separate уουr article frοm thе rest. Thіѕ іѕ a simple step thаt саn gο a very long way.

An іmрοrtаnt раrt οf аnу blog іѕ tο feature thе latest posts аt thе top οf уουr homepage. Wіth ѕο many blogs abandoned οr out-οf-date, іt іѕ аlѕο іmрοrtаnt tο lеt readers know thаt yours’ іѕ current аnd updated. In thіѕ way, уουr readers wіll hаνе fresh, nеw posts tο read аnd уου wіll gеt thе best exposure fοr уουr newest content.

Although thеѕе tips аrе gathered frοm professional bloggers, thеу аrе simple іn nature аnd саn bе applied bу anyone wіth even modest knowledge οf thе internet. If уου саn take уουr time аnd implement thеm аѕ thеу аrе written, уου ѕhουld nοt worry аt аll building аnd running a successful blog.

What are some of your tips for improving blog content? Feel free to share below and if your like this post, please pass it along.


Taking Action with Affiliate Marketing

Depending upon your technological capabilities, there are many different ways to accomplish your tasks as an affiliate marketer. Make sure you take into consideration the type of item you are trying to market. Affiliate marketing isn't about spamming tons of people and praying you make money. Carefully plan every move before you strategically implement it.

Don't overlook the possibility of enhancing your affiliate marketing approaches by extending a job offer to your customers. A customer who has purchased a product from you can make an ideal future affiliate. If the customer wants to be an affiliate, you can turn one sale into thousands. Customers who become your affiliates can exponentially increase your own traffic, and ultimately, your profits.

If you require quick access to your money you should opt for an affiliate company that offers a variety of payment options. There are certain companies that pay you via PayPal, while there are other companies who send you a check in the mail.

For bigger affiliate marketing earnings, take your product reviews to the next level with eye candy like screenshots and videos. People will want to buy your product because it is so appealing. But don't stop at attractive and decorative advertising. Give the potential customer all the solid information he needs in order to decide to buy.

Make sure the affiliate companies you are doing business with are both fair and generous. Companies should offer you a profit of at least 20% for every sale. Affiliate companies that are good to do business with know that hard work deserves better rewards.

The lifetime commission in affiliate marketing is becoming quite the elusive creature. The lifetime commissions are so lucrative that they are worth the time you spend looking for them. When a webmasters sells a products, they will receive a commission from the affiliate vendors that sent it to them. In most cases, a commission is given only if the purchase is made in a specified period of time. Since they are so profitable, lifetime commissions are worth finding.

Remember why someone is visiting your site - if they are there for a particular theme such as sports or gardening, that is what they are expecting to find. If you supply a link for an affiliate site that isn't sports related, it will not likely benefit you. Your audience will tend to click on a link that closely relates to the content on your website.

Start slowly when you are just starting to get into the affiliate marketing business. By starting small and paying attention to detail, you will increase your chance for success, while gaining knowledge as to the workings of the business. Once these smaller niches are finished, you will be ready to tackle bigger and more competitive niches.

Profuse communication, even daily, will preserve and strengthen the attachment between partners whose relationship is mutually beneficial. Plentiful, inexpensive contact is a great way to sustain your income sources. Your best affiliate partners are invaluable and thus are worth the extra effort.

Using text services will help affiliates to do well and earn commissions. While this is a little new still, there are lots of affiliates that use this to promote their products, share affiliate offers and keep all of their customers in the know.

Paid advertising such as Google Ads is a great way to maximize your marketing programs. Make sure that the paid ads incorporate keywords that are likely to be used by potential customers. These ads can be a great way to increase the amount of targeted traffic your website receives.

Repeat sales are an important part of affiliate marketing as well. If your clients like your referred products and they go to purchase more, you should get some of the commission. Ensure that you are getting paid for everything you do by choosing a company that will pay you a reasonable percentage for any back-end sales.

One great way to give a boost to your affiliate marketing program is to offer prizes and contests on your website. This is a great incentive in motivating your visitor to return to your website, and it also enables them to refer this to their friends if your incentive is tempting enough.

Actual statistics will really help you understand your position. This information can reveal the amount of traffic to your website and provide details about purchasing habits.

A quick way to start your affiliate marketing business is to promote to the same target audience via many affiliate programs. This strategy will give your visitors a way to find other links that are relevant to their needs.

Use a legitimate tracking service. Occasionally an affiliate may make a mistake in calculating your sales and you can lose out on money because of this. To save yourself some time, find a tracking service that you can trust, and make sure you use it at all times. The service might not be free, but you will benefit from it.

Make education into the best ways to market product a priority if you wish to be a profitable affiliate marketer. Some affiliates use whatever they can find for free. While free affiliate marketing opportunities can be lucrative, it is best to look at all of your options, choosing one that helps you best reach for your goals.

Not all affiliate websites are created equal. Certain ones can be very hard and frustrating to maneuver around. Of course, this is not the best case scenario; however, a website owner who is proactive won't allow an affiliate website with a poor design to stand in the way of making a profit. This will boost sales and encourage people to trust you.

Implementing the ideas delineated above will help you pull in the right individuals and maximize your profit potential.
You will discover ways to improve your approach once you start affiliate marketing, and may even go beyond what you have learned here. You should always keep the basics in mind and make sure your marketing plan is easy to follow.

Internet Marketing Guide for Newbies

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting a business or individual's digital product and earn a percentage of commission for every product you help sell. When signing up for an affiliate program of your choice you are assigned a link that will let your affiliate company know that you referred the buyer.
In order to be successful at affiliate marketing, you must know how to catch a potential buyers attention and persuade them to buy through your link. This can be done through the following three methods.

1.) Promote Each Product With an Individual Sales Page
Having one site or blog post per product makes your information and offer page look clean and professional. Compiling a ton of product posts on one page can make the page lack focus.

Always have testimonials posted on your page of actual product users and try to include their picture so site visitors will be assured the reviews are from real people. Of course, make sure you get the consent from the customer before you put their testimonial on your page.

Write informative articles with unique keyword rich content that have compelling titles that draw readers in. You can
hilight the high points of your article so readers can easily locate the info they are looking for.

2.) Offer Free Reports or Other Incentives
Write a short report or find free articles, videos, pdfs, etc that have resale rights that allow you to give away to your readers. Make sure you place the offer near the top of the page or just somewhere that your reader is bound to see.

These offers are usually given away through an opt-in form or 'squeeze page' that is located on your blog or website. When the visitor types their consented information into the box, the information goes to your autoresponder and creates your list, also something that will be very important in your business.

You can create these opt-in forms and squeeze pages through your autoresponder such Aweber for around $19 a month, or sign up with a free service like Listwire. Try to make these capture pages attractive but not too hyped up. You don't want your capture page to come off as just another scam.

If you would like to be guided through affiliate marketing and the process of lead capturing, you should try a highly rated program called MLSP. MLSP is a series of trainings that show you how to capture leads, and offer around 19 different affiliate program capture pages you can use to get leads. This system has helped thousands of people generate thousands of leads on demand. I would highly recommend that you check out the website at www.mlsp.com. There is usually always a free two-week trial that gets you in the door and let's you in on all the action and success stories from top earners in affiliate marketing.

3.) Get Targeted Traffic to Your Product

Google loves organic traffic and blogs get plenty of it for free. To get organic traffic, post your articles to social media sites and try posting links to your blog on other related blogs.
If you write an article a day for 60 days that's obviously 60 articles. That's a new post everyday that will keep people coming back for more because people love fresh content. Posting new content daily gives you greater chances to gain more subscribers each day.

With your new arsenal of articles, you have gained the respect and trust of potential buyers. From here you can start promoting products to the list you have built with your blogging efforts.

5 Profitable Internet Marketing Techniques

Internet marketing can be a great way to earn some extra income and possibly give you the freedom to become your own boss someday. If done effectively, internet marketing can be a great way to start your own online business and have a team of members that you manage and coach to success. In order to get members in your downline you need have a product or service to offer and have strong promotional campaigns.

These 5 tips are proven internet marketing techniques you can use to form relationships with others in the industry and create leads for your downline.

1.) Offer a Type of FREE and Irresistable Gift on Your Blog or Website
Free gifts can include ebooks, pdf files, videos, articles, software trials, and more. These gifts are set up through what is can be known as a 'squeeze page', opt-in form, or sales funnel. You can create these through an autoresponder such as aweber or Listwire or through free or paid softwares you can find on the internet. These pages should be attractive and informative and really sell the reader on why they should subscribe to your information. Once created, you can post these on your website or blog and use it to capture leads that could turn into potential sales.
You can find some of these free gifts such as pdf files and ebooks with resale rights on www.fiverr.com

2.) Send Catchy Emails that Appeal to Your Target Market
Staying in contact with your downline is one of the most crucial aspects of being a leader. You have to keep your list informed on the most recents updates in internet marketing and show them what products out there are working the best.
Sending creative emails that include stories, photos, videos, and links to informative sites and blogs really appeal to your target market and keep them wanting more. If you provide your potential buyers with the best products and information, they will be coming to you before you know it with cash in hand waitng to hear what you have to say. When you form an emotional relationship with your reader they are more likely to take action.

3.) Create a Persuasive Sales Page that Draws People to Action
Show your target market that you feel their pain in your writings. Show empathy and compassion for your readers and treat them as though they are your friends and not just some random person viewing your blog.
You should make sure your sales page contains the following. These don't have to be in this precise order but this is the more professional way to go.

You should start your page out with an introduction explaining who you are, what products or services you have to offer, and what kind of information you have to offer. State the problem that you are trying to help your target audince with and provide your solution. Include all important details of the product and try to provide proof that it really does work. Also, it really help to have some type of feedback that people can look at so they can be assured that you are professional. Include the reasons you created the product or are promoting it. Really show your audience that you can relate to them.
When creating information for that page, you should use bullet points and have at least 7 to 10 of them per sales page. In these bulletpoints include the features and benefits of the products and an in depth explanation of how it works and can benefit them.
f you are selling your own product, give it a money back guarantee to show that you fully back your product up 100%. The longer you have the gurantee, the less likely a person will ask for a refund.

Finally, set up a friendly order area. You want the make the customer feel comformtable and confident about buying your product or service.

4.) Utilize Autoresponders to Build Relationships With Downline and Extend Free Offers and Membership Opportunities
As I mentioned earlier, staying in contact with your list and keeping them updated with new offers and information in a key component of your business. Writing a quick email to your list every week is a good way to keep your list updated and send them offers from your affiliate links. Writing a monthly newsletter is also a good way to attract an audience because it shows your committment to your business that tells your client that you are committed to their well-being.
Autoresponders make it easier to stay in contact with your list, especially as it continues to grow. You can write emails and store them in your account and set them up to be distributed automatically after a sale for example or other specific event you have set up.
Use your list to promote your affiliate products and articles that you have written. Sending your list and email letting them know about your new article is a great way to get traffic and converting sales. Linking emails to Facebook and other social media sites can get you like and follows on Facebook and Twitter and increase your social media prescence.
This leads to our final and probably most effective strategy at the moment...

5.) Use Social Media to Build Your Online Prescence
Everyone and their mom has at least a facebook these days. Even my grandmother who just figured out how to work her cell phone has a Facebook. =}

Social media has become extemely viral over the past year or so and has become a great way to make an online prescence, especially in internet marketing.

Every time you write an article or update your blog or website you can post the content to any of the many social media websites out there. Look around on Facebook for groups in your niche and start chating with people that share similar interests. This is a great way to make potential Facebook friends, and the the more you have the better.

As of this year, it is estimated that Americans spend 8 hours a month on Facebook and other social media sites, which roughly comes out to 15.5 minutes a day!

This is great for you because a large percentage of them are avid readers and the ones that are looking to make money could come across your page and share it with their friends and so on and so on.
Social Media sites are a simple way to capture people's attention with your content and a great way to make contacts that could eventually lead to potential sales.