Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Profitable Internet Marketing Techniques

Internet marketing can be a great way to earn some extra income and possibly give you the freedom to become your own boss someday. If done effectively, internet marketing can be a great way to start your own online business and have a team of members that you manage and coach to success. In order to get members in your downline you need have a product or service to offer and have strong promotional campaigns.

These 5 tips are proven internet marketing techniques you can use to form relationships with others in the industry and create leads for your downline.

1.) Offer a Type of FREE and Irresistable Gift on Your Blog or Website
Free gifts can include ebooks, pdf files, videos, articles, software trials, and more. These gifts are set up through what is can be known as a 'squeeze page', opt-in form, or sales funnel. You can create these through an autoresponder such as aweber or Listwire or through free or paid softwares you can find on the internet. These pages should be attractive and informative and really sell the reader on why they should subscribe to your information. Once created, you can post these on your website or blog and use it to capture leads that could turn into potential sales.
You can find some of these free gifts such as pdf files and ebooks with resale rights on

2.) Send Catchy Emails that Appeal to Your Target Market
Staying in contact with your downline is one of the most crucial aspects of being a leader. You have to keep your list informed on the most recents updates in internet marketing and show them what products out there are working the best.
Sending creative emails that include stories, photos, videos, and links to informative sites and blogs really appeal to your target market and keep them wanting more. If you provide your potential buyers with the best products and information, they will be coming to you before you know it with cash in hand waitng to hear what you have to say. When you form an emotional relationship with your reader they are more likely to take action.

3.) Create a Persuasive Sales Page that Draws People to Action
Show your target market that you feel their pain in your writings. Show empathy and compassion for your readers and treat them as though they are your friends and not just some random person viewing your blog.
You should make sure your sales page contains the following. These don't have to be in this precise order but this is the more professional way to go.

You should start your page out with an introduction explaining who you are, what products or services you have to offer, and what kind of information you have to offer. State the problem that you are trying to help your target audince with and provide your solution. Include all important details of the product and try to provide proof that it really does work. Also, it really help to have some type of feedback that people can look at so they can be assured that you are professional. Include the reasons you created the product or are promoting it. Really show your audience that you can relate to them.
When creating information for that page, you should use bullet points and have at least 7 to 10 of them per sales page. In these bulletpoints include the features and benefits of the products and an in depth explanation of how it works and can benefit them.
f you are selling your own product, give it a money back guarantee to show that you fully back your product up 100%. The longer you have the gurantee, the less likely a person will ask for a refund.

Finally, set up a friendly order area. You want the make the customer feel comformtable and confident about buying your product or service.

4.) Utilize Autoresponders to Build Relationships With Downline and Extend Free Offers and Membership Opportunities
As I mentioned earlier, staying in contact with your list and keeping them updated with new offers and information in a key component of your business. Writing a quick email to your list every week is a good way to keep your list updated and send them offers from your affiliate links. Writing a monthly newsletter is also a good way to attract an audience because it shows your committment to your business that tells your client that you are committed to their well-being.
Autoresponders make it easier to stay in contact with your list, especially as it continues to grow. You can write emails and store them in your account and set them up to be distributed automatically after a sale for example or other specific event you have set up.
Use your list to promote your affiliate products and articles that you have written. Sending your list and email letting them know about your new article is a great way to get traffic and converting sales. Linking emails to Facebook and other social media sites can get you like and follows on Facebook and Twitter and increase your social media prescence.
This leads to our final and probably most effective strategy at the moment...

5.) Use Social Media to Build Your Online Prescence
Everyone and their mom has at least a facebook these days. Even my grandmother who just figured out how to work her cell phone has a Facebook. =}

Social media has become extemely viral over the past year or so and has become a great way to make an online prescence, especially in internet marketing.

Every time you write an article or update your blog or website you can post the content to any of the many social media websites out there. Look around on Facebook for groups in your niche and start chating with people that share similar interests. This is a great way to make potential Facebook friends, and the the more you have the better.

As of this year, it is estimated that Americans spend 8 hours a month on Facebook and other social media sites, which roughly comes out to 15.5 minutes a day!

This is great for you because a large percentage of them are avid readers and the ones that are looking to make money could come across your page and share it with their friends and so on and so on.
Social Media sites are a simple way to capture people's attention with your content and a great way to make contacts that could eventually lead to potential sales.