Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Internet Marketing Guide for Newbies

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting a business or individual's digital product and earn a percentage of commission for every product you help sell. When signing up for an affiliate program of your choice you are assigned a link that will let your affiliate company know that you referred the buyer.
In order to be successful at affiliate marketing, you must know how to catch a potential buyers attention and persuade them to buy through your link. This can be done through the following three methods.

1.) Promote Each Product With an Individual Sales Page
Having one site or blog post per product makes your information and offer page look clean and professional. Compiling a ton of product posts on one page can make the page lack focus.

Always have testimonials posted on your page of actual product users and try to include their picture so site visitors will be assured the reviews are from real people. Of course, make sure you get the consent from the customer before you put their testimonial on your page.

Write informative articles with unique keyword rich content that have compelling titles that draw readers in. You can
hilight the high points of your article so readers can easily locate the info they are looking for.

2.) Offer Free Reports or Other Incentives
Write a short report or find free articles, videos, pdfs, etc that have resale rights that allow you to give away to your readers. Make sure you place the offer near the top of the page or just somewhere that your reader is bound to see.

These offers are usually given away through an opt-in form or 'squeeze page' that is located on your blog or website. When the visitor types their consented information into the box, the information goes to your autoresponder and creates your list, also something that will be very important in your business.

You can create these opt-in forms and squeeze pages through your autoresponder such Aweber for around $19 a month, or sign up with a free service like Listwire. Try to make these capture pages attractive but not too hyped up. You don't want your capture page to come off as just another scam.

If you would like to be guided through affiliate marketing and the process of lead capturing, you should try a highly rated program called MLSP. MLSP is a series of trainings that show you how to capture leads, and offer around 19 different affiliate program capture pages you can use to get leads. This system has helped thousands of people generate thousands of leads on demand. I would highly recommend that you check out the website at There is usually always a free two-week trial that gets you in the door and let's you in on all the action and success stories from top earners in affiliate marketing.

3.) Get Targeted Traffic to Your Product

Google loves organic traffic and blogs get plenty of it for free. To get organic traffic, post your articles to social media sites and try posting links to your blog on other related blogs.
If you write an article a day for 60 days that's obviously 60 articles. That's a new post everyday that will keep people coming back for more because people love fresh content. Posting new content daily gives you greater chances to gain more subscribers each day.

With your new arsenal of articles, you have gained the respect and trust of potential buyers. From here you can start promoting products to the list you have built with your blogging efforts.